Relaxation Therapy

Do you feel frazzled, nervous, fearful, exhausted, disconnected, confused, agitated or unable to make decisions? Relaxation Therapy may be just the thing you need to find peace of mind.

Create the life you desire!

Shift 4 success is a gentle approach and one that opens the door for positive change, a new way to think and a better way to live -- Sandy P.

Wellness Support

Feel stuck?  Learn to unblock your energy and move forward!

Goal Consciousness

Are you working hard to reach your goals, but getting nowhere?  Does it feel like something is holding you back from achieving abundance, your right-fit career, glow-ing health or true love? If so, you may be suffering from blocked, negative or unbalanced energy, or unhealthy thought patterns.

Shift 4 Success is a proven Energy Therapy process for identifying the obstacles in your way, working through impasses and realizing the fullness of life.

If you feel static, frustrated, held back, lacking in confidence or unable to meet goals -- whether they be relationship, career or personal in nature -- we can help you achieve success.

Shift 4 Success

We take a holistic approach, using a variety of therapies to help you obtain emotional, physical and spiritual health. You must achieve this trinity of wellness to live a truly balanced life.